Travel for Cheap. Save on Flights, Hotels, and Deals [101 Travel Tips]

Travel for Cheap: Flights, Deals, and Tips [101 Travel Tips]

In just the last 6 years, I’ve had to book over 100 trips, mostly out of my own pocket.. Mostly for work, family, and a few vacations. I learned quickly how to travel for cheap. This blog discusses the various ways I’ve traveled but saved money. 

When I first started my company, I was amongst the first to try Spirit airlines. It got me hooked because flights were almost always cheaper. When I had to book hotels, I went for the $25/night 2-star hotels. If I had to get somewhere, I walked or booked the cheapest car rental I could find.

Considering an average trip is usually easily over $1000 total for flight, accommodations, and transportation, I had to learn how to travel for less quickly. I’ve flown with half my clothes on me to save on baggage costs, walked for miles to avoid cab rides, stayed in airports to avoid paying hotel fees, and have done unthinkable things to save money on travel! 

This blog discusses how I find cheap travel flights, deals, and tips. 

Whether you’re just solo-trekking around the globe or you’re sharing an experience with loved ones, I hope you always travel well, for less.