How I Traveled To San Antonio, TX for 3 Nights for $37 [Travel Cheap]

How I Traveled To San Antonio, TX for 3 Nights with a family of 4 for $147 or $37/person [Travel Cheap]

San Antonio is a beautiful place.You have the River walk, Sea World, the Alamo, and a number of great places to visit if you’re ever in Texas. The food there is also quite amazing. This post discusses how I traveled to San Antonio, TX for cheap.

Over the Summer, I took my family there for vacation and a work meeting and I was able to travel cheap.

I’ll show you how I did it. But here are some things we got to do while we were there.

Since my sister is autistic and has a severe mental disability, visited Morgan’s Wonderland. Morgan’s Wonderland is a themed park for people with Special Needs.


Flights – $0

Since we’re from Dallas, it was only about a 4.5 hour drive. We still rented a car though and I’ll explain why. But if you’re looking for cheap flights, there’s always a number of flights going into San Antonio Airport.

You always want to consider flying to nearby airports as well. I’ve seen flights to DFW and AUS generally a lot lower than going into San Antonio. The only catch is you’ll need to rent a car and possibly a hotel if you’re staying overnight in Dallas or Austin.

Which isn’t a bad idea to visit if you have time.

Accommodations: Free

I was excited to use my SPG points for the first time. I had accumulated over 35,000 points just from the signup bonus for spending a minimum of $3,000 in 3 months (and $2,000 more two months after) on the SPG Amex Card.

I found an incredible deal in San Antonio under SPG hotels for just 3,500 points a night in the Four Points Sheraton. Because we only used 3,500 points, our accommodation costs allowed us to travel cheap.

We had two nights at an awesome hotel for free. On top of that, we even got bonus points back for foregoing room cleaning. So if you’re generally pretty neat and tidy, you get extra points with SPG.

In addition to a beautiful, clean room – they also had a gym. We utilize it to the max every time.

Transportation: $147 for 3 days

Hertz was running a Summer deal at the time which awarded 5,250 miles to United Plus members for renting a car with them. Since I was a Mileage Plus member, I decided to take advantage of that deal (and also save my own car some mileage) since the valuation on United Miles was about 1.5 cents (or about $78.75 worth).

Of course, it’s cheaper to drive your own car but I figured there’s perks of driving a rental for long distance travel (namely if your car breaks down or if there’s mechanical issues. It’s easier to do repairs on a rental over your own unless you have AAA which I don’t.


San Antonio was a fun, meaningful trip with family. Best of all, I got to travel cheap. At $147 for 3 days (which we also stopped by Austin and a work meeting nearby), it’s a steal when you utilize mileage and travel deals.

You can find my complete list of travel hacks and ways to find cheap flights and travel deals without a travel agent here.

If you’re in San Antonio, you should also consider visiting Austin – you can see how we traveled cheap to Austin here.

What are some of your tips for traveling to San Antonio?

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