5 Awesome Ways to Redeem Credit Card Points for Travel

5 Awesome Ways to Redeem Credit Card Points for Travel

This is the second series in my post about Credit Card points. This post will show you creative and awesome ways to redeem credit card points.

1. Travel around the World on Business Class

This past January, I used 240,000 AMEX miles transferred to Kris Miles to go on a once-in-a-lifetime trip around the world to over 10 countries all on business class seats. Not only did I experience some of the finest seats and experience in the air, I also got to work & relax in incredible lounges, see all the countries I’ve always wanted to visit, and experience something I would have never had an opportunity to do.

The flights alone would have set me back over $16,000 had I paid in cash. You can read more about my trip here.

It was quite an experience and an awesome way to redeem credit card points!

2. Fly your Family Round trip back to Asia

Earlier this year, I spent 210,000 Chase Credit Card points transferred to United to book three round trip tickets for my family to go back to Asia to visit family. Though the flights weren’t business class seats, they were still on my family’s preferred airline – Eva Air. The tickets would have set my family back over $4,000 had they spent cash.

It’s incredibly rewarding to redeem credit card points for other people – especially when it’s for loved ones.

3: Stay in Excellent Hotels for Free!

Just a few weeks ago, my family and I were able to travel cheap to San Antonio where I used my Starwood Points to book a few nights stay in the Four Points Sheraton hotel. The accommodations were very pleasant with a pool, fitness gym, and a beautiful room for our short vacation/work trip. After two free nights, I still have enough points for 3-10 nights in another hotel, depending on how nice the hotel is we decide to book next!

4: Book a Flight for Two Adults + 1 Infant from U.K. back home

I recently had the opportunity to redeem credit card points to book 2.5 (2 adults, 1 infant) round trip flights from London to DFW on British Airways for family. It was about 95,000 miles + a little over $1,000 in fees. It’s been a couple years since they’ve been back to Dallas so it was a joy to do so.

The flights would have cost about $4500 in cash so it was a great value for the mileage used. The total cost even with the mileage was a little more than it could have been namely because of the infant flying.

Because of the baby, I had to make sure the flights were direct and ideally on a better airlines for infants.

For solo travelers or travelers without babies, I’m sure the RT ticket could have been a lot cheaper.

5. Limitless Options

If you haven’t already noticed, I find the most joy in being able to use mileage to help family and friends travel. Especially when it saves them money and gives them the best possible travel experience that I know I was able to book. But really, the beauty of having a lot of miles is the world opens up to you.

Suddenly, you’re able to go anywhere, live anywhere, see and experience almost anything your heart desires traveling on the best airlines, living in the best hotels, and doing all of it without having to dig into your cash.

From personal experience, this is one of the most exciting things to do at an airport – walking around freely exploring while getting some exercise and getting those legs going!

Have you ever had to stay overnight at an airport? Share your tips with us!


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