Over the years, I’ve found it’s my pleasure to help others travel well, for less.

I hope you find some of the resources on here helpful. On top of that, if you subscribe to my list – I’ll send you amazing deals I find for cheap just because I’m always looking for cheap flights anyways.

My thought is… why not help people travel while I’m doing what I love?

If you’d like a more personalized service, I’m open to helping you as well.

I’m happy to get into the nits and grits of looking at your itinerary needs and seeing if I can help. Since I’ve been in over 100 travel itineraries that dealt with everything from mileage to stopovers all around the world and the most complex travel policies, I can navigate through hundreds (if not thousands) of tiny details and rules you may not know of.

If I can’t help, I’ll let you know. If I can, I’ll usually provide a few recommendation packages at no risk and make it extremely simple for you to book. I’ll explain in detail why I think my recommendations are the best & cheapest routes to travel. 

I don’t get any commissions from my recommendations so I’m not limited to what travel options to recommend to you. I’ll do whatever it takes to find the best deals to help you travel well, for less.

I can also help with mileage recommendations based on your inventory and what kind of miles you have available.

You should expect to save a couple hundred dollars depending on how flexible you are with your schedule.

please email me at daniel @

I’m also open to:
– Guest Post Opportunities
– Hearing your stories!
– Hearing your tips and hacks on traveling

Travel Well, For Less

Daniel Kao