How I Traveled to Austin, TX for 2 Nights for $65 [Travel Cheap]

How I Traveled to Austin, TX for 2 Nights with a Family of 4 for $260 [Travel Cheap]

Austin, the capital of Texas is known for awesome Tex-Mex food and good vibes everywhere you go. It’s a must visit. This post discusses how to travel to and in Austin for cheap.

I’ll be upfront. This post doesn’t have any spectacular travel deals or cheap flights because I live in Dallas, TX (3 hours away). If you’re traveling from out of town, you’ll find some of my travel techniques below a bit more helpful.

I always start with the big 3 expenses in traveling. To travel for cheap, you’ll need to save on Flights, Accommodation, and Transportation. The better deal you’re able to find for all 3, the more money you’ll be able to save.

Flights: $0

We drove from Dallas which is about 3 hours away from Austin.

If you’re flying in from out of State, Austin Bergstrom Airport is the main airport to fly in. However, you can use to search for deals going to Dallas, Fort Worth (DFW) or George Bush Intercontinental in Houston (IAH). A lot of times flying into those cities will be a lot cheaper than flying in to Austin itself.

Accommodations: $210

Sometimes hotel prices are reasonable and better off just paying than using miles. In this case, we stayed at a beautiful Hampton Inn for $105/night with tax and fees included.

It was a very large and new room with free breakfast and very nice amenities.

Of course, they had a gym that we raided to get our exercise in.


Since Austin wasn’t too bad of a drive, we just decided to drive our own car. Gas both ways was about $50 from Dallas.

If you’re flying in, definitely rent a car there since public transportation is not huge. For some cheap car rental tips, you can see my post with 101 travel hacks & tips. 


Things to Do:

We got to see the beautiful Capital of Austin, home of the Texas State Capital, awesome Tex-Mex food, and just an all around great city with great vibes.

We went along the “drag” which is one of the most popular streets in Austin on Guadalupe St. There’s a lot of stores, restaurants, and interesting things you’ll find there. Like some of the murals painted on the walls pictured above.

We also ate awesome food. Lots of good Chinese food and Tex-Mex places like the famous Juan in a Million.

Having been to Austin a handful of times, there’s a lot more to visit. The University of Texas is a must visit. Zilker Park, Mount Bonnell, and Barton Springs are also beautiful to visit.

And if you have time, make sure to try some thrift shopping when you’re there!

If you’re in the Austin area, you may also want to check out San Antonio – you can read about my cheap trip to San Antonio here.

What are some of your tips for traveling to Austin, TX?

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