Run and Travel Around the World Virtual Race

Run and Travel Around the World Virtual Race in 2020!

While the world is closed for traveling, you can still experience new places you’ve never been to before. Travel and run a virtual race!

We’re thrilled to partner with The Best Races in putting on this experience for you!

What is a Virtual Run?

A Virtual Run is a run you sign-up for where you can at any time or place, get cool swag shipped to you, a medal or certificate of completion, posted results, and other cool tools to help you commit to accomplishing a goal!

Get all the excitement of participating in a race without the big crowds, the long lines, and the pressure of running with other participants.

What is the Travel Around the World virtual experience?

Every month, we’ll send you a virtual packet with videos, highlights, and interesting facts about a country so you can experience a taste of it from your home!

We’ll also send you a postcard to add yourself in to commemorate your virtual experience in that country!


After your first virtual run & destination, get an exclusive discount to future monthly Travel the World Virtual Runs!

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