5 Best Things to do at an Airline Lounge [101 Travel Tips]

 5 Best Things to do at an Airline Lounge [101 Travel Tips]

Going to a business airline lounge at an airport is an oasis from the hustle and bustle of travel.

Here are some of the best things I’ve found you can do at most lounges around the world.

How do you get access to a lounge? Here are the most common methods: – If you fly business class, your business class ticket will automatically give you access to a lounge.

– If you have a priority pass membership (that can be purchased at www.prioritypass.com) or comes with certain credit cards (The AMEX Platinum card or the VISA sapphire reserve card), you’ll have access to over 1,000 lounges around the world.

– If you have airline status from flying a lot, you’ll have access to their alliance lounge (e.g. For American Airlines status, you get access to One World Alliance lounges, For United Status, you get access to Star Alliance lounges, etc).

– If you don’t have any of the above, you can also purchase lounge passes usually at most lounges anywhere from $30-50.

Without further adieu, here are the best things I’ve found to do at a lounge:


1. Take a shower

One of the underrated pleasures I realize I had always taken for granted was a hot shower. When you travel, the simplest daily needs all of a sudden become a luxury because you no longer have what you normally use everyday at home. On one hand, it makes you realize how privileged we are to sleep in a comfortable bed and to be able to shower everyday. But especially when you’ve been on an airplane all day or have been away from home for some time, a hot shower is the first thing I take advantage of if available at the lounge.

2. Try the food

Most airline lounges will always have a buffet style of food or light refreshments. Not all lounges are equal. Generally from my experience, the ones in Asia do better on food because people in Asia are big on food.

Moreover, the airline lounge will try and provide local cuisine or tastes to try so it’s a good opportunity to sample some of the local tastes. And while some people may be worried about eating too much before a flight, if you’re flying Business class, the restrooms are actually quite pleasant to use. So I say, “Don’t fret too much about it!”

3. Bring some refreshments for the “road”

It is perfectly fine to take some refreshments with you before you get on your flight. That way you won’t be paying $5 for a bag of chips at the airport or on the plane. Be sure to bring some drinks too if you tend to get thirsty. While airplanes will provide drinks and refreshments onboard, sometimes it just isn’t quite what you’re craving. Lounges are a good place to stock up on snacks that might make your flight a little more pleasant.

4. Take a Nap

Airline lounges are really an oasis from the hustle and bustle of traveling. This is because you won’t have to be concerned over lost luggage or missed flights. Most of the time, lounges will have a pretty safe place to store your luggage. Although it is usually still a good idea to take precautions with a lock. You can also request to have your boarding call reminded or have an agent call for you.

This is especially helpful if you are using a designated nap room if they have one. Rooms, even for a few hours, are usually very expensive at airports or nearby. So this is definitely a very valuable benefit to use from an airline lounge.

5. Do some work

You can be sure airline lounges are catered to the business traveler who needs to work on the road. You’re sure to find free wifi, plenty of outlets, comfortable work spaces, and often printers and general workstations to help you keep up with your work. Airline lounges make great office spaces so don’t fall behind on work just because you’re traveling!

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