Reflections on 2018

At the beginning of 2018, we got our house on the market, got rid of all of our furniture and belongings, packed everything we had into suitcases, and got ready to move away from the place I grew up in (of 29 years).

Funny thing is it felt like we did the same thing not long ago in 2014 when my parents moved overseas. Except this time (4 years later) I was going too.

In February, I made the big leap of faith and moved to Asia. I was uncertain of my future here but excited to see how the Lord would lead. I remember being at the airport with tears welling in my eyes not so much from the uncertainty of the future but more so leaving the people I shared my life with for all these years.

Why did I decide to move? It’s sort of a complex answer but namely for family and partly for work & finding new opportunities. Looking back, I believe it was a calling God had for me for a some time… I just never saw it because I clung too tightly to what I had in Dallas.

It took God allowing certain events in my life that finally put me over the edge in making the big jump.

So how has it been since my move?

I think I can say without a shadow of doubt, God had opened this door for me so I could see more of His goodness and give Him all the praise. It’s been an incredible year seeing His faithfulness that’s beyond measure and certainly beyond what I could ever dream of.

I’m thankful I found a church home quickly.

During the first month, it was also a critical transition of my work. I wasn’t sure how things would be if I worked completely remote. Yet every week, I saw God’s faithfulness in providing.

Though it was difficult at times, the Lord continued to provide and and I’m so grateful.

In May, I got to go to Myanmar with a friend for a few weeks. I think this was definitely one of the highlights of the year seeing how incredible God is and how faithful He is all around the world in even the most remote country I had ever seen.

Hearing from pastors and missionaries in Myanmar and of the struggles they went through yet the unfathomable goodness they experienced was so encouraging.

Even while I was there, I got to experience God in a very real way I had never experienced before. While being at a very poor orphanage, I experienced first-hand the beauty of what God was and is doing there. I saw how kids with nothing materially still would go out to places even more poor than where they lived so they can share the hope of love of Christ.

I think for me, personally, I realize Christ is truly all we need. Even if you don’t know if you’ll have food tomorrow or clothes to wear, Christ is enough.

Throughout the rest of the year, I’ve gotten to grow with my church, meet some incredible people from all over the world, and most importantly, have continued to see God’s faithfulness each and every day.

I’m learning that faith is often not knowing but learning to trust and walk with God through each circumstance. And often God allows uncertainties in our lives so we can walk through them with Him.

I’m learning that God not only saved us but has prepared for us good works to love, serve, and share the hope of Christ with others.

All for not just our sake… but ultimately for His own glory (Ezekiel 36)

I’ve long struggled with the question of why…? Why would God choose to redeem and love me the way He does? It just doesn’t make sense in light of my sin.

I think this year, I’m finally beginning to have a step of understanding. That it was never about us or me… but it was for Him and His glory.

In 2019, I hope to seek first His glory… that in everything I do, it would magnify His name first and from it I pray it flows into every other part of my life. That I would learn more of what it means to surrender fully to Him while experiencing the joy of trusting and following our Sovereign King.

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