Reflections on 2018

At the beginning of the year, we got our house on the market, sold or got rid of all of our belongings, packed everything we had into suitcases, and got ready to move away from the place I grew up in (29 years).

In February, I moved to Asia, and was uncertain of my future here. I remember being at the airport with tears welling in my eyes not so much from the uncertainty of the future but more so leaving the people I shared my life with.

Going into a new place, I prayed I’d find people to be in community with, that I would know Christ more in this new season, and like Daniel in the Bible, I would seek the welfare of the people here… through prayer, assimilating into their culture, and sharing the hope of Christ.

Looking back at this year, God was faithful in numerous ways.
– I found a church I was able to commit to the first week I arrived. Since then, I’ve grown tremendously through the local body and met some incredible people.
– As vain as it may sound, my relationship with God has grown deeper through the sheer beauty of where I live and the best coffee shops I’ve ever been within walking distance. For me, there’s something different about actually going out to spend time with the Lord.
– The Lord has blessed my work and provided incredible people who have been loyal and done their work for me with excellence.
– With some of the excess, God gave me opportunity to be more involved with some needs around me. One that I really praise God for was an orphanage I was able to be involved with. Since high school, I had always had a heart for orphans and to be able to be a part of a larger project revolving around this was something I was extremely thankful for this year.
– God has provided particular opportunities to be involved with meaningful ministries close to where I live..
– As always, I’m also grateful to be close to family.

This year some of the key things the Lord has taught me is…

– Often, God allows uncertainties in our lives so we can walk through them with Him.
– Faith is often not knowing but learning to trust and walk with God through each circumstance.
– God not only saved us but has prepared for us good works… to love, serve, and share the hope of Christ with others.
– God saved us not just for our sake but ultimately for His own glory. Thus, our aim is first to please God and make His name known. I find as I love God more, it flows into every other part of my life.

I know in 2019 there will be many uncertainties and challenges. But I know I can continue to find life and joy in putting my hope and trust in Christ.

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